COVID-19 Surveys and Videos in Bangladesh

AMURT is supporting a Bangladesh NGO working in the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox Bazar district of Bangladesh.

The Rapid COVID-19 surveys was a part of the internal M&E process to understand how their COVID-19, protection and education-related messaging in the last months was received and how to improve it going forward. Read more

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Since August, 2017, targeted violence and serious human rights abuses forced 620,000 Rohingya to flee Myanmar into Bangladesh, joining the 230,00 refugees already there. The majority are under 18.

AMURT is active in the large refugee camps and has provided health, child protection, and psycho-social services.

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Stories of an AMURT worker

In the front lines of human despair, the role of the NGO worker is as essential as it is gratifying.   When the tumultuous turns of an unforgiving world seem to declare that all hope is to be lost, a myriad of men and women step forward ready to attend to the downtrodden. But what drives them? There lies the untold story of working in disaster situations. Read more