Brazil: Enhancing youth participation

AMURT is running a youth program in its own building in Restinga, one of the underprivileged satellite towns around Porto Alegre in the south of Brazil.

Some of the youth are referred to the program by government institutions; others come due to the program’s reputation. Read more

Brazil Floods: Amurtel Responds

An update from our AMURT/AMURTEL team in Brazil:

“… Amurt/el  is working to help the people in flooded areas of Teresopolis -RJ.  Yesterday a group of over 20 of us from Rio de Janeiro traveled to Teresopolis (120km) to take and distribute the donations that were delivered in our Rio Office.

Although there were no deaths in this specific community, we visited and helped and heard impressive stories about the flood. Houses on the bank of the river were completely destroyed and water reached a height of 6 feet inside the houses that were not carried away. the night, with no lights at all, to higher ground.

We found children sleeping on the floor, so the donated mattresses brought from Rio de Janeiro were found to be very valuable. Food, clothing, water, toiletries and other donations were given to the community, and they continue to not have any water and electricity.

Words, gestures of affection, and donations from volunteers and donors make the residents extremely happy. Six cars and two pick-upswere used to transport the goods to supply this community for a one-week period.

Donations will be welcome to enable a continuity of the work in this and other communities, with the presence of our full time volunteers, who will remain in Teresopolis and Friburgo working in this relief project.” 



Massive flooding has claimed the lives of at least 600 people in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Heavy rains and mudslides have blocked many roads, hampering rescue efforts.  Phone lines and internet in many of the effected communities are also down, stalling important and life saving communication, and the ability for families to make sure their loved ones are safe.

Amurtel is actively engaging volunteers and resources in the area to bring much needed relief to the effected communities.  Currently our teams are distributing food and non-food items to the affected communities  in the towns of Freiburg, Teresópolis and Petrópolis.