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The Nepali Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed a total of 488,789 houses destroyed and 267,477 damaged during the two earthquake period of April and May 2015. The death toll stand at 8,219 people and half a million buildings damaged or destroyed. In the most affected districts up to 80 % of the public schools are damaged or destroyed leaving most children out of school.. United Nations estimate 3 million people are in need of food aid.

AMURT & AMURTEL volunteers are busy day and night providing basic supplies, such as essential groceries, tarpaulins and blankets, along with medical support through mobile clinics. In the first month after the earthquakes AMURT & AMURTEL has distributed food parcels to 15,300 persons, tarpaulins to 2,088 persons and 7,500 people have been treated by our medical volunteers.

AMURT & AMURTEL is responding with relief teams in several locations and is appealing for donations.

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Himalaya floods

Uttarakhand Update and Banking info

18 workers and volunteers of AMURT and 10 workers and volunteers of AMURTEL have distributed two trucks loaded materials consisting of 20 quintals of rice, 18 quintals of flour, 4 quintals of pulse, 150 cartoons of mineral water, 5500 pieces of torches, 800 blankets, 150 cartoons of clothes (Saris shirts and children’s wear) milk powders, tea leafs, soaps, juice, towels etc. in the worst affected villages such as Agust muni, Chandrapara, vijayawada, Falayi, Gangapur, Sitapuri, Baniary, Chaka etc of Gupt Kashi Area (Kedarnath) of Uttarakhand.

Your help to Uttarakhand victims in kind or cash will be highly appreciated. Following In charges may be contacted.

1. Ac. Raviprakashananda Avadhuta (Sectorial AMURT Coordinator) is based now near Agust muni in Rudraprayag. mobile number : 08449057629

2. Ac. Devakripananda Avadhuta (RS) Allahabad camping at Haridwar, Mobile- 09897619190

Name of the beneficiary : Acharya Devakripananda

Name of the Bank : State Bank of India, Vidhansabha Marg Branch, Luckhnow.

Account no. 30695868369, IFSC ISBN No: 0060284, Branch code : 60284

3. Sri Chakradhar Prasad (Shastriji) Haridwar- (AMURT Incharge) Mobile- 09997087456

Chakradhar Prasad

State Bank Of India Ranipur Branch , Haridwar

Account No. 10667850376.


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Prabhat Alloi

People living in the dry rural area surrounding the village of Dabar lack the necessary infrastructural components to achieve a decent standard of living. Prabhat Alloi Inc, a partner of AMURT, has been in West Bengal since 2008 working to combat problems including inadequate water provisions, poor hygiene, lack of educational opportunities, high rates of infant and maternal mortality, shortages of housing and clothing, lack of electricity, poor roads and pathways, and frequent drought conditions causing hunger. One village in the area is home to about thirty men and women suffering from leprosy, who are largely dependent on an inconsistent flow of government supplies. Read more

India floods October 2009

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Global Diaster Liaison
Project website…%2021.html
Project location: Village, Sub-district, District, Province, Country Karnataka and Andhara Pradesh states, India
Project type: Disaster Relief/ Development Project Disaster Relief
Project accomplishments Distributed over 40,000 water packets, 8000 Lemon Rice packets, 6000 Biscuits, 3000 buns and breads, 500 blankets, and several truck loads of old clothes.
Project needs currently: human, in-kind, cash Cash, food, clothes, medicine, volunteers
Project support sources AMURT India
Project photos location
Project director’s contact: email and tel number(s) &
Document large ver. in FTP? No
Project Sector: Education / Sanitation etc. Food, non-food, medical
Project starting date Oct 3, 2009
Project staff: No. Staff (Paid/Volunteer) 20 staff 100 volunteers
Fri Oct 16, 2009 2:55 pm
We distribute water, dry foods, clothes and blankets. We also provide urgent medical as well as psycho-social care. The operation serves up to 10,000 people daily. Click on the Download Now link on the right for more details.

Direct Banking

For Remittance of foreign donations : T.T. may be sent in favour of ANANDA MARGA UNIVERSAL RELIEF TEAM” FCRA ACCOUNT NO:- 0861239117 with Citibank N.A., Mumbai :

There are different account nos. and locations for remitting funds in different currencies, i.e. if donations is given in :

a) US DOLLAR : Please mention Citibank Mumbai A/c No. 36241797 with Citibank New York Branch
b) POUND : Please mention Citi Bank Mumbai A/c. No. 600091 with CitiBank London Branch
c) EURO : Please mention CitiBank Mumbai A/c. No. 5501024 with CitiBank London Branch