Super Typhoon Rai Philippines

Super Typhoon Rai crashed into the country’s southeastern islands on Thursday, levelling homes and bringing winds of about 195km/h (120mph).

The strongest storm to hit the Philippines this year has toppled power poles, uprooted trees and left three million people without electricity.

The country’s disaster agency says the reported death toll stands at 31. Four people are confirmed killed and 27 are believed to have died, it said in a statement.

An AMURT relief operation is underway in the devastated regions and volunteers are distributing food and water to the affected population in Cebu.

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Clean Water to Local Families

While most households are now without access to clean water, the AMURT team have the means to provide families with free water. Already, they have distributed up to 10 gallons of water each to hundreds of people and will continue to do so as long as they have the capacity.

Hot Meals to Communities and Workers

Within approximately 24 hours of the disaster, the AMURT team began preparing and distributing hot, healthy meals to hundreds of affected families and to the front-line workers cleaning and repairing the damage caused by the typhoon. They will continue to provide food as long as they have access to supplies. The availability of food will be extremely limited for a long time as many agricultural fields have been destroyed in the storm.

Rebuilding Homes

Many thousands of homes were partially or fully destroyed by the typhoon. Every day the Amurt team in Cebu is constructing new roofing and repairing houses — for an increasingly large number of people. They are thus converting people who are presently homeless into people with proper permanent homes.

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AMURT volunteers distribute food and water in the aftermath of the typhoon in Cebu City
AMURT volunteers fix roofs of houses affected by the typhoon in Cebu City

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