Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action

The 2012 Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, or Child Protection Minimum Standards (CPMS), were developed by members of the global Child Protection Working Group which works within the Global Protection Cluster. Since 2013 the CPMS have been Sphere companion standards. They were not developed specifically for refugee situations but most are applicable to all settings and should guide UNHCR’s child protection emergency response. They complement UNHCR-specific child protection guidance, for example, on Best Interest Determination (BID) or the Child Protection Framework, etc.; but they do not address specific issues relating to children in refugee procedures, such as registration, Refugee Status Determination (RSD), or durable solutions. For these procedures, specific UNHCR guidance applies. UNHCR participated in developing the CPMS and is committed to ensuring that they are used for all children of concern during child protection emergency response.

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