India Pandemic and Cyclone response

Multiple chapters of AMURT in Inda has been providing regular support to those affected by COVID-19 lockdowns and subsequent loss of livelihoods throughout 2020 and 2021.

Treating it as a disaster with hygienic precaution and social distancing, volunteers in 15 states have served more than one million people.

In July 2021 AMURT volunteers distributed 30 kg of food items and a hygiene kit to 10,000 at-risk families in five districts of Odisha state. the distribution also served as COVID awareness programs. The distribution was sponsored by the Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan. AMURT plans to follow up with livelihood and sustainable development programs.


In the months of April through June 2020 hundred of thousands of hot meals were served regularly and households were given dry rations like rice, pulse, oil, potatoes, soybeans, and other essential commodities. The severe effects of COVID-19 were compounded by large cyclones hitting both the east and west coasts of India. In the disaster-affected areas, AMURT and AMURTEL volunteers redoubled their efforts and often provided both hot meals and dry rations as well as tarpaulins for shelter as per need.