MYANMAR: Child Center – update Sept 2008

The four Child Friendly Spaces started operating during the second week of August. The main wooden structure was completed much earlier, but there was delay in the delivery of the masonry materials for the toilets and kitchens.

The Child Centres structures have proved to be solid; the villagers took shelter in one of them during a wind storm. The Child Centre in Lay Yar village is regularly used for community meetings.

While waiting to complete the construction, the coordinators were busy giving training to the local teachers, who were introduced to the basic skills of classroom management.

During the inauguration the parents where briefed about the importance of the psycho-social support and child protection programs offered by the Child Friendly Spaces. They were also invited to be involved in the development of The Centres.

During the daily routine, the children are guided by the teachers through activities which help them to get a sense of normality in their life after going through the distressing experience of a natural disaster. The activities are also directed to develop psychophysical potential of the children.

For the children in this rural area of Myanmar, it was the first experience playing with didactic toys and performing arts. All the activities are guided by the gentle care of the teachers.

Another very important function of the AMURT Child Centres is to look after the children health. A medical check up was conducted to make sure that the children are well nourished and growing properly. Our health professional reported 10 cases of malnourishment in two villages, 5 in each; it was also found out that several children where just above the minimum standard. Several cases of flu and fever were also reported.

The distribution of BP’5 concentrated food biscuits is part of the Child Centres Feeding Program. As soon as the kitchen construction is completed, a balanced meal will be provided to the children. This program will be extended to pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers.

There are 3 local teachers in each one of the four AMURT Child Centres. They will continuo to receive training to up grade their standard. Our dynamic CFS coordinators navigate from village to village supervising and giving guidance to the teachers.

Operators from other humanitarian organizations, who visited the AMURT Child Centres, gave very positive comments and make remarks that they already serve as a model for others interested to develop the same kind of program.

At the present there are 202 children registered at the four Child Friendly Spaces.

September 16th, 2008

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