Participatory Humanitarian Program Manager Training in Sweden June 2012

The humanitarian field is evolving dynamically in response to increasingly complex challenges. As agents of humanitarian work, our capability to manage people, projects and organizations is crucial to successful and long-lasting impacts of service efforts. Honing the level and scope of our practical skills and competencies to confront these diverse challenges, is one of the prerequisites for achieving high quality and professionalism in the sector. One of the greatest needs humanitarian workers have is to know how to employ participatory methodology to ensure the sustainability of programs.

The program is modeled after the internationally recognized BioForce Institute training methodology, and is adapted to include the AMURT & AMURTEL philosophy and field experiences, as well as key Participatory Learning & Action tools and principles. The training modules have been designed to enhance the Quality and Accountability of humanitarian programs, through the use of simulation, group work, case studies, role-plays, and practical tools and exercises.

The key participants this training will target include field leaders, project managers, fundraisers, rising coordinators, and people directly involved in the management of various AMURT & AMURTEL-related programs. Participants can choose to take individual modules or the entire 4-module program, resulting in an AMURT & AMURTEL professional development certification.

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