Japan Disaster Response

Volunteers in Shichigahama stop to reflect on the destruction

A 9.0 magnitude earthquake and a 10 meter high tsunami wave hit northeastern Japan at 2.46pm on Friday March 11.

Thousands of people have have died and hundreds of thousands are affected. Members of AMURT & AMURTEL are in the coastal towns of Sendai, Tamajo, Shichigahama and Tagajo serving the most vulnerable elderly in clearing their houses and providing psycho-social programs for the internally displaced people in the camps managed by the local authorities.

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Homeless Youth in Romania


AMURT run transitional programs for homeless youth in Romania

What happened to the children of Romania after the media spotlight faded in the post communist era?

Many homeless youth, especially those who were residents in the state homes or in a tense, dysfunctional family, didn’t learn basic skills that most adults, and even other youth, take for granted. They have not vacuumed, ironed a shirt, cooked a meal, balanced an account, kept a job, or solved an argument through compromise, so life skills training plays an important role in this project. They also receive individual and group counseling sessions, and learn to identify their talents, potentials and interests. They are supported in receiving vocational training according to the demand of the local labor market, and in finding and maintaining jobs.

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