ECOLE AUBE NOUVELLE, meaning “New dawn school”

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Dada Dayashiilananda Avt
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Project director name: Sanskrit / Legal Sanskrit:Aniruddha / Legal:André Diafouka
Project location: Village, Sub-district, District, Province, Country Village: -, Sub-district: -, District: Brazzaville, Province: Brazzaville, Country:Congo-Brazzaville, AM Sector:Nairobi
Project type: Disaster Relief/ Development Project Development Project
Project accomplishments 1.No need of advertising anymore for enrolment of the school children. 2.Very much improvement in the payment of the school fees by parents. 3. Success in purchasing premises for Aube Nouvelle; renovation of house in progress.
Project lessons learned 1.School canteens in poor neighborhoods are essential for success of school projects. 2.School project has to take into account the welfare of the adults too. 3.The welfare of the people is a great means for communicating Baba’s Ideology to them
Project needs currently: human, in-kind, cash Human: 1 informatician, 1 english teacher. In-kind: 5 computers, 1 printer. Cash:a)7200 Euros for the feeding program of this school year. b)Renovation of the house purchased: 10,835 Euros
Project support sources Amurt Germany, Amurt Italy, AILE Universelle (France), Dada Vishvarupananda
Project director’s contact: email and tel number(s) Mobile: +2425497358, no email yet.
Document large ver. in FTP? No
Project Sector: Education / Sanitation etc. Education
Project starting date October 2003
Project staff: No. Staff (Paid/Volunteer) Paid:7, Volunteer:4
Project expenses (yearly) 9713,29 Euros
Tue Feb 12, 2008 2:13 pm
Aube Nouvelle school started end of 2003 as a primary school in a rented house.It was opened in order to help parents most of whom are very poor to educate their children at low cost(5,3 euros per month) with free distribution of food twice a week .