AMURT Yogyakarta Disaster Relief Response – Indonesia

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Dada Shiilabadrananda
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Project director name: Sanskrit / Legal Ac. Siilabhadrananda Avt. / Mark Devine
Project location: Village, Sub-district, District, Province, Country Village: -, Sub-district: -, District: Bantul, Klaten and Sleman; Province: Yogyakarta & Central Java; Country: Indonesia, AM Sector: Manila
Project type: Disaster Relief/ Development Project Disaster Relief
Project accomplishments 1. Appreciation Letter from UNICEF. 2. First NGO to build viable temporary schools using local materials; eventually 179 such schools were built using AMURT design. 3. Introduction of alternative building material (bamboo) as part of construction of
Project lessons learned 1. Correct adjustment with local psychology and customs will smoothen work with local staff and targeted community. 2. Employ qualified accounting staff from beginning of operation to simplify finance arrangements 3. Sympathetic human contact with v
Project needs currently: human, in-kind, cash Human: N.A., In-kind: N.A., Cash: N.A.
Project support sources Remaining funds from Kindernothilfe (Major Sponsor)
Project photos location
Project director’s contact: email and tel number(s) Email:, Phone: +62-274-888348, Mobile: +62-81376811690
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Project Sector: Education / Sanitation etc. Early Recovery/Pscho-Social
Project starting date May 28, 2006
Project staff: No. Staff (Paid/Volunteer) Paid: 10, Volunteer: Up to 17
Project expenses (yearly) 2006: $US386,000
Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:26 pm
Multi-Sectoral (see above) Response to Yogyakarta Earthquake both in disaster relief phase and in recovery phase