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AMURT Romania 2012 News

Direction of activities resulted in a microcosm of society, a “micro-company school” where the youth were exposed to the outside world through their own activities of rudimentary company management. Starting with “Design and Planning” department and executing the plans through other departments, made the learning fun, challenging and interesting. Read more

Samburu Community Assistance Project – Kenya Drought Relief Update

August 2011: Kenya’s drought has been declared a national disaster.

Ten million livestock have died, crops have failed and its now 35kms or more to the nearest water for people in the worst affected counties. Water sources remain unprotected and easily contaminated.

AMURT is currently setting up supplemental feeding for several thousand at-risk people (children under five, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly) in Samburu East District in the northern part of the country. Our recent community assessment identified further needs for water, sanitation and mobile clinics. We intend to develop with the community programs for remote food and water distribution, emergency bore holes, water source protection, child friendly spaces, mobile clinics and long-term capacity building through water harvesting, consumers’ cooperatives and a model farming project.

Donate Now to save lives, protect livelihoods and prevent a larger scale catastrophe.

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AMURT starts work in Nigeria

AMURT started working in Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, in late 2010. We decided to focus on the health sector, as the indicators for maternal and child mortality are among the highest in the world.

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New Zealand earthquake response

AMURT & AMURTEL volunteers in New Zealand distribute 1,000 bottles of After Shock Bach Flower Rescue Remedy after the massive earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand on February 23, 2011 Read more

Haiti: Cholera Outbreak Response

“Cholera is not endemic to Haiti, so people are getting very sick, very fast after contracting it,” explains Patrica Munday, AMURTEL’s program coordinator in Haiti.She is part of an AMURTEL medical team that travelled ecently to remote areas hit by the cholera epidemic, which has claimed thousands of lives and could affect another 400,000 according to the US CDC Read more

Cash for Work and a Green Future

An army of workers mobilize to reforest their dying watershed. They get paid too: people living in poor communities of the northwest Haitian Artibonite overwhelmed by the population influx following the 2010 earthquake.

“Many people ran away from the Port au Prince disaster to live in the province”, recalls Jacques Vilgar, “A community already in a very bad socio-economic situation became twice as bad.” Read more

Better World Program, Padang, Indonesia

AMURT & AMURTEL sent an emergency response team to Padang, Indonesia immediately after the earthquake in West Sumatra on 30 September 2009. After the initial emergency response period, AMURTEL identified a need for Early Childhood Development (ECD). Those children most vulnerable after a disaster of this magnitude need the structure, safety, and support an Early Childhood Program (ECD) can provide. Read more

Rurapuk Peru: People Who Help Each Other

The center of the Rurapuk Project houses the Rurapuk Hot Lunch Program which serves a free hot lunch to 30 children and 2 elderly ladies five days a week. It also is the meeting place for Rurapuk Mothers, a women’s handicrafts collective Read more