Familia Panatau – AMURTEL Romania Children’s Home

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Didi A. Devapriya
Project website www.romania.amurtel.net
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Project director name: Sanskrit / Legal Sanskrit: Gopi , Legal: Cornelia Fischer
Project location: Village, Sub-district, District, Province, Country Village: Panatau, Sub-district: -, District: Buzau, Province: -, Country:Romania, AM Sector:Berlin Sector
Project type: Disaster Relief/ Development Project Development
Project accomplishments 1. Raising of children to independence; 2. Developing leadership and professional skills in local staff; 3. Providing running water to the village
Project lessons learned 1. It is important to carefully nurture local relationships and provide visible services to the local community so as not to remain isolated. 2. It is very difficult to undo the traumas. 3. It is important to have government support.
Project needs currently: human, in-kind, cash Human: A new director to replace Gopi; In-kind: Reconstruction of a burned down barn; Cash: funds for continuing education of children leaving the home
Project support sources Currently the home is sustained by a Swiss foundation specifically set up for that purpose by Gopi from personal contacts. However in 2 years, when Gopi goes into retirement, the foundation will be dissolved, so we are in need of long term sustainability
Project director’s contact: email and tel number(s) Email: amurtel@gmail.com, Phone: +40238522002, Mobile: +40740457504
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Project Sector: Education / Sanitation etc. Children support
Project starting date 1992
Project staff: No. Staff (Paid/Volunteer) Paid: 13, Volunteer: 0.
Project expenses (yearly) 30,000
Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:58 pm
Familia AMURTEL was founded in order to provide an alternative to the massive

abusive state instutions for abandoned children during communism. It has been the home for 26 children, though

currently we have 16 living in the home. It is located in