A priceless gift – supporting a child to stay in school

Feel the satisfaction of sharing the giving spirit of the season with disadvantaged children

In rural Romania, there are high rates of school dropout–even in primary school–as poverty puts pressure on families to have children working rather than going to school. The Fountain of Hope now has 65 at-risk children attending the after school program and receiving daily free hot vegetarian meals and homework support. Education is a key to breaking out of the cycle of poverty in this rural village, and this program is designed to provide conditions that not only prevent early drop out for these at-risk children,  but actually awaken a love of learning through enriching non-formal learning experiences. Enrollments have increased from 26 in 2010 to 52 last year, and now 65 in 2012 due to the program’s success and popularity. There has been a significant increase in school attendance and none of the children attending the program were held back or dropped out of school.

However, increased enrollments have led to increased expenses and our reserves are steadily shrinking. We need your help to keep this rewarding project going. Regular support gives continuity and stability to the project.  As for many sponsors, it may be more affordable and convenient to give smaller amounts regularly rather than larger donations, we have just made it easy to donate online with small amounts that automatically recur on a monthly basis. Please see the “subscription” button on our online donation page: http://www.amurtel.ro/donate-now  It only takes $25 a month to support a child to receive daily hot meals and benefit from homework support and extracurricular activities.

Below you can find a copy of our annual report from the project, including the project’s financial report:

Thank you!



Hot nutritious meals

65 children receive a daily hot vegetarian meal when they come to the center after-school. This is a significant economic support for parents, in this economically impoverished rural village, and motivates the children to come to school when they know that they will have something good to eat before making the long walk home (in some cases more than an hour away).


Loving atmosphere

Larisa, the project director, creates a warm, loving Neohumanist atmosphere. The success of our project leaders is evidenced by the increasing popularity of the center amongst the local schoolchildren, who continue to enroll in increasing numbers.



Fun extracurricular activities

Once they have finished their homework, the children have the chance to play games, make crafts, read books and work on computers before going home.