Mafi-Seva Community Clinic – GHANA

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Dada Daneshananda
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Project director name: Sanskrit / Legal Sanskrit: – / Legal: Emperor Samuel Tsamenyi
Project location: Village, Sub-district, District, Province, Country Village: Mafi-Seva, Sub-district: -, District: North Tongu, Province: Volta Region, Country: GHANA, AM Sector: Nairobi.
Project type: Disaster Relief/ Development Project Development Project
Project accomplishments 1. Making communities work together to improve local health care. 2. Launching health education program (see Kekeli program). 3. Providing health care in remote villages.
Project lessons learned 1. It is good to test the commitment of local community before giving money. 2. Training of the staff and health education in the villages is the best contribution we can make. 3. Working with women in the villages is the best approach to heal
Project needs currently: human, in-kind, cash Human: more training for the staff. In-kind: medical supplies and medicines. Cash: -.
Project support sources Self-sufficient economically, help from AMURT for development, volunteers from Kids Worldwide.
Project director’s contact: email and tel number(s) Email: or; Phone: – ; Mobile: 233-24-511-7182.
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Project Sector: Education / Sanitation etc. Medical
Project starting date 1 May 2003
Project staff: No. Staff (Paid/Volunteer) Paid: 3 (Emperor, Bernice, Enionam). Volunteer: 1 (Christian)
Project expenses (yearly) NA
Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:26 pm
Community Clinic, open all the time, maternity ward with deliveries, homeopathic clinic, four beds, staff 4, community owned, community managed.