UN/ERRF Haiti 2010

Submitted by support
Author’s Name
Demeter Russafov
Project director name: Sanskrit / Legal Marcus Rosbach / Mokseshvarananda
Project location: Village, Sub-district, District, Province, Country NW Haiti
Project type: Disaster Relief/ Development Project Disaster Relief
Project accomplishments in process
Project support sources UNDP / OCHA
Project director’s contact: email and tel number(s) mrosbach@amurt.net
Document large ver. in FTP? No
Project Sector: Education / Sanitation etc. Agriculture
Project starting date April 2010
Project expenses (yearly) 1, 311, 220 USD
Fri May 28, 2010 3:54 pm


Integrated Watershed Protection, Soil Conservation and Employment Cash-for-Work Program, Communes Gonaïves, Anse Rouge and Terre Neuve, 2010 Haiti.