COVID-19 Surveys and Videos in Bangladesh

AMURT is supporting a Bangladesh NGO working in the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox Bazar district of Bangladesh.

The Rapid COVID-19 surveys was a part of the internal M&E process to understand how their COVID-19, protection and education-related messaging in the last months was received and how to improve it going forward. Read more

Child Safeguarding Standards

Child safeguarding is the responsibility that organisations have to make sure their staff, operations, and programmes do no harm to children, that is that they do not expose children to the risk of harm and abuse, and that any concerns the organisation has about children’s safety within the communities in which they work, are reported to the appropriate authorities. Read more

Building Trust in Diverse Teams

What is trust? Why it is important in team performance? What increases or decreases the level of trust in a team? How can leaders build high levels of trust and effectively manage trust in a team?

A plethora of books and articles have been written to address these questions, but they are primarily for use in business settings. Traditionally, humanitarian organisations have integrated some of this thinking into their leadership trainings, diversity curriculum, and preparedness planning. However, until now, there has not been a concerted effort to create a body of knowledge about trust as it specifically applies to diverse teams in a humanitarian emergency setting. Read more