Free medical camp in Bangalore, India August 2008

Dear brothers and sisters,
The Free Medical Camp organized by Bangalore Chapter of AMURT/AMURTEL has a grand success story.

About 600 patients around Ananda Marga Ashram were benefited. 15 medicos specializing in different fields of ENT, Opthomology, Orthopedics, Dental, Pediatrics, Gyneocology, Nuerologics, besides general medicine attended to the patients not getting medical attention otherwise due to poverty and poor health conciousness. The special feature was homeopathic treatments (preventive and past-disease) given by Ananda Margii lady doctor Dr. Anju and Yoga treatments prescribed by local WT Dadas and Didis.

About eighty AMURT/AMURTEL volunteers were in attendance. Sitting Member for Legislative Assembly (MLA) Shri M Srinivas inaugurated the camp and lauded the social service orientation of AMURT/AMURTEL. Surrounding schools evinced interest in yoga lessons and requested Dadas to hold regular classes.

The medicos were given appreciation certificates by Mr.S S Goenka, AMURT ACB Global Secretary. Bina Didi, Relief Secretary of Bangalore Bhukti and Bhukti Pradhan, Shiv Sharmaji’s put in special efforts.
The camp news was covered by leading Bangalore print and electronic media.

With brotherly regards,

S S Goenka
AMURT ACB Global Secretary