Motivation in Malaysia

At the recent Motivation Camp in Semenyih, the Year 6 students were taught the secret of programming their subconscious minds to achieve their desired results. While the immediate objective is for the students to pass the primary school leaving examinations with good results, the long-term goal is to teach these young people that the sky is the limit – to boost their self confidence so that they may reach their highest potential.

Motivation Camps: Reaching their Highest Potential

“I hope we will get more of such motivation sessions because they will help us to do well in life.”
“This is the first time I have attended something like this – thank you for an enjoyable and educational weekend!”
“Thanks to your stimulating program, I will get 7As in the year-end exams and I plan to become a doctor!”
“The study techniques were very useful, they will help me do well in the exams.”

These were some of the responses voiced by students who participated In a motivation camp conducted by AMURT & AMURTEL at the Tamil primary school in Semenyih outside Kuala Lumpur recently.

Elements of the overnight camp include an introduction to the ABC’s of mind science, a yoga asana session to learn relaxation and concentration exercises, an obstacle course to create awareness of life’s challenges and the need for teamwork, a soul-searching session to recognize personal shortcomings and mistakes, and a motivation session to move forward into the future with optimism and confidence. There was also a session on various study techniques, a graduation ceremony and a special session for parents to remind them of their roles in guiding and developing their children.

Headmaster Mr. S. Thanaseelan of SJK (T) Ladang Semenyih was so impressed with the motivation camp that he has expressed his desire to join AMURT & AMURTEL in conducting similar sessions elsewhere. At SJK (T) Bukit Darah, headmistress Mrs. Rajendra was so pleased with the motivation camp conducted in May 2008 that she requested AMURT & AMURTEL to hold fortnightly sessions for her Year 6 students. That year, the school’s pasing rate for the primary school leaving examinations jumped significantly from 47% in 2007 to 67%. The fortnightly program is still ongoing today.

English tuition classes at Tamil Primary School

AMURT & AMURTEL conducts after-school English tuition classes for Year 3 students at SJK (Tamil) Effingham in Petaling Jaya, Selangor two times a week. The objective is to help the children improve their standard of English which is currently a compulsory subject for the Year 6 UPSR examinations.

Fun, Games and Stories

AMURTEL’s fortnightly sessions for Year 1 children at the Bukit Darah Tamil Primary School outside Kuala Lumpur bring them fun and games through Kids’ Yoga and helps them to practise listening and speaking in English through volunteer Hemawati’s (above in orange) captivating stories.