Emergency Phase

A senior AMURT volunteer handed over relief goods to a senior victims. Spreading the motivation "Even though we are old, but our spirit must be young"


A senior AMURT staff is doing the final checking of the distributed items. Making sure that that the quality and quantity are sufficient


Earthquake victims patiently waiting for their turn to receive the hygiene and kitchen kits distributed by AMURT, accompanied by some volunteers.


Even though the earthquake demolished nearly everything, it didn't destroy the fate to God of this lady and also many other people


AMURT Volunteers are very busy to check, upload and manage the relief distribution goods on a truck. They work hard to make sure the distribution is running well.


Several bamboo are used to hold the further leaning of this building


One of thousands of houses which are demolished due to the earthquake


Some children are very happy when they got some plastic mats and hygiene kits. Their homes are destroy and they have to live in tent.


A grandmother and her granddaughter receive a hygiene and kitchen kit in the distribution