Fundraise for Haiti

Dear Friends,

I recently returned from Haiti, and although it was distressing to see so many people still living in appalling conditions almost two years after the earthquake, it was also extremely inspiring to see how successful our Amurtel programs have been. I met with women from two of the 7 camps where we have been running MIKFAB- Amurtel’s self-financed micro credit program, and heard their own stories of how powerful this program has been. There were some unexpected results: a reduction in domestic violence of the women and children in the family, due in part to the non-violent communications classes we offered. I was also happy to hear the more expected results- improved health of the women and children in the home, increased self esteem in the participants, better food for the family, etc. All the women we talked with told us how important it has been for them to be part of the MIKFAB program and expressed hope we would not only continue it but expand the amounts given as well as the number of women participating. When I asked what else they needed, they unanimously agreed mobile medical clinics, literacy classes, and schools for their children.


To meet some of the women and read their stories, click here.


We are committed to working with these strong and resilient women to meet these goals, but the problem now is we are almost totally out of money. Most of the other NGO’s are pulling out of the camps, but unfortunately, the people living there don’t have that option; there is no place else to go.

I can’t stand the thought of cutting these programs- they are grassroots, empowering and successful for the women, children and communities involved.


With one month left of funding, we are turning to our larger, global community for support. If everyone reading this can donate at just $5- or more if possible, and then forward this email to everyone in their address book, asking the new readers to do the same, we can reach thousands of people, and together ensure these programs continue and grow. And we will- I guarantee it – make a lasting difference in people’s lives.

Please let us not be complacent in the face of what needs to be done. Let’s not turn our backs on our neighbors in Haiti. Time is a bit urgent for these women- Take a minute now and send a donation of whatever you can afford.

Thank you all for your generosity.


Joni Zweig
President- AMURTEL
North and Central America


How to make a Donation:
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Checks can be made out to:

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Your donation will change the life of a family in Haiti, so please – donate now!