Flood Relief in Manila

Four typhoons hit Luzon, in the Philippines in 33 days, with a death toll of more then 1100; thousands of hectares of land flooded and rendered unusable for agriculture for the next two months at the best. Thousands of houses were washed away and up to half a million people affected with hundreds of thousands of people needing to be relocated to safer places. Currently more than a hundred thousand are still in evacuation centres in the affected areas.

Ever since the first typhoon on September 26 AMURT & AMURTEL Relief Teams has been working round the clock to extend help and comfort the affected people.

Summary of service rendered from September 26-November 2, 2009:

– Served hot meals to approximately 55.000 people.
– Distributed approximately 12.000 litres of drinking water.
– Offered relief items such as slippers, clothes, dry food, towels, toiletry etc. to 1877 families.
– Offered Medical Service to 333 people
– Ongoing “Healing Art” with 87 children.