Toys Distribution


So enthusias to receive the toy.

A mother and her child........and a toy.

Hmmm, I love it so much.

Faces of happines.

Going home with a new toy.

Photo together after the distribution.

In some area, the river is the main transportation stream.

Distribution from the boat.

For some children, the only way to reach the school is by using a boat.

War World Kids?

Marching ahead with toys in hand.

Another function: as an umbrella?

Going home with a new spirit.

After the distribution.

A girl and her toy.

A multi function toy.

Any body dare to carry a crocodile? We do

New toys and their new master.

Here you go little girl.

Beautiful girls with beautiful toys.

Nothing's better than going home with a beautiful toy.

Suddenly overcrowded.

Solidarity - waiting for our friends.

One by one, the toys are distributed.

Inside the distribution point.

Elder people are also involved to make sure an organized distribution.

One toy for one kid.

The boys brigade are also enthusiastic.

Transporting the toys.