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Syria crisis response

The Syrian crisis has led to a large number of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and refugees. At the end of September this figure stood at around 2 million IDPs in Syria and 400,000 refugees in neighboring countries. Most of these people depend on humanitarian assistance, or sharing host families’ dwindling resources to meet basic needs. This figure is growing daily and has led to a doubling of people in need in the last couple of months.

AMURT & AMURTEL has local volunteers in Syria and Lebanon distributing food, non-food items and providing assistance with medical and educational needs. In Lebanon, AMURT runs case management services for refugee families hosted by their friends and relatives in the mountain villages overlooking Beirut. The AMURT team selects the most urgent cases and works patiently to meet their individual needs, be they getting a child admitted to a local school, finding a hospital willing to provide urgent medical care or connecting them with larger agencies and their services. .

Many of the refugees have harrowing tales to tell. Mohammed, a grandfather, took shelter with relatives in western Syria, but had trouble even getting bread as the streets were too dangerous to enter. He used his savings to pay an extortionate fee to a driver to take him across the border. “It was like escaping from jail,” Mohammed said. “The driver took a lot of money because we could die in the street.” We have organized much-needed medical supplies and winter items for Mohammed and his family.

AMURT is appealing for funds to meet the needs of the increasing numbers of refugees seeking our assistance.

Download current proposal: Syrian refugees in Lebanon – general proposal  (version 3 – October 29)

During home visits AMURT representatives talks to refugee families about their needs and opportunities in Lebanon.

Zahraa and her family arrived in Lebanon as refugees from Syria a month ago. For the first two weeks they stayed at a construction site but are now in temporary housing. AMURT helped Zahraa to go to school and provided her family with bedding and other necessities for the winter.

On November 18 AMURT gave 115 Syrian refugee families 40 kilos of food items, 10 kilos of baby food and 10 kilos of non-food household items.

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AMURT is appealing for funds to meet the needs of the increasing numbers of refugees seeking our assistance.

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Manila Floods

In the Philippines local AMURT & AMURTEL volunteers responded to massive floods in early August in and around Manila. Throughout the month they distributed cooked food, bread, drinking water, and hygiene items to more than 10,000 people. Read more

Philippines Flood Relief

In Cagayan de Oro the AMURT team distributed food rations to 400 families at Lower Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City. After recent flooding in Southern Philippines more than 1,000 persons died or are missing and 300,000 have had to flee to shelters after their homes and villages were washed away. AMURT Philippines has several teams in the area assisting the affected communities.

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Philippines Flood Response

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New Zealand earthquake response

AMURT & AMURTEL volunteers in New Zealand distribute 1,000 bottles of After Shock Bach Flower Rescue Remedy after the massive earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand on February 23, 2011 Read more

Haiti: Cholera Outbreak Response

“Cholera is not endemic to Haiti, so people are getting very sick, very fast after contracting it,” explains Patrica Munday, AMURTEL’s program coordinator in Haiti.She is part of an AMURTEL medical team that travelled ecently to remote areas hit by the cholera epidemic, which has claimed thousands of lives and could affect another 400,000 according to the US CDC Read more

Child-Friendly Spaces in Haiti

“Child-Friendly Space”, or CFS, is a term used in the international disaster relief community to describe a place where various types of support can be provided to children in a time of severe crisis. For the AMURT CFSs, we defined our goals in an integrated way, striving to address the whole child; that is, the educational, psycho-social, emotional and spiritual needs of those who experience hardship by providing safety, security and a transition to normalcy. Like all AMURT programs, our approach with these projects began with community engagement, carefully identifying needs, helping the community define their own goals and resources, and then providing integrated solutions that are principally implemented by the community itself. Read more

Myanmar food distribution


Child Friendly Spaces. Construction on the way

Food distribution – Than Date.

Boat delivery arriving at Kyun Lott Pyapon