Haiti hit by Tropical Storm Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac tore through Haiti this week, leaving a trail of uprooted trees, serious flooding and mudslides. The Amurtel team had to evacuate our place and move to higher ground for a few days, packing up kids, cats, teenagers, and staff. For those living in the camps, Isaac was a big setback.


Our director was on the phone all night during the storm, arranging for over 100 people in Sitwon camp to move into our school building there. We moved large groups into buildings in 2 other communities as well, feeling relief that at least the people had a safe place to weather out the storm. Food became an issue almost immediately, so Amurtel went into the camps and set up feeding stations, cooking large pots of rice and beans to distribute to the families most in need. With all the rain, cholera is once again on the rise, sweeping through communities that were most effected the floods. Over 6000 people living in the IDP camps lost their homes, and as of today, August 28th, we are getting calls from multiple communities needing help with food, shelter and medical care.


As always, we will do what we can~and we know you will too!